Instructor: Joe Halverson

5782 Precision Machining I

Precision Machining I is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the precision machining processes used in industry, manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. The course instructsstudents in industrial safety, terminology, tools and machine tools, measurement and layout. Students will become familiar with the setup and operation of power saws, drill press, lathe, milling machine, grinders and receive an introduction to CNC (computer controlled) machines.

5784 Precision Machining II

Precision Machining II is a more in-depth study of skills learned in Precision Machining I, with a stronger focus on CNC setup/operation/programming. Classroom activities will concentrate on precision set-up and inspection work, as well as machine shop calculations. Students will develop skills in advanced machining and measuring parts involving tighter tolerances and more complex geometry. A continued focus on safety will also be presented.