Health Science

3 High School Credits per semester

Instructor: John Davis

(260) 563-7481

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Extended lab experience that the student’s choice of clinical site is designed to

provide students the opportunity to assume the role of a health care provider and practice technical skills previous learned in the classroom, including information on the health care system and employment opportunities at a variety of entry levels, an overview of the health care delivery systems.


Learning Objectives:

  • • Student will complete current technical skills and educational objectives in preparation for the CNA licensure exam
  • • Student will demonstrate knowledge regarding the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act and will become HIPAA certified
  • • Student will demonstrate knowledge regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation and become CPR certified
  • • Student will effectively participate as a member of a Health Care Team to promote the delivery of quality health care by using technical skills in the work environment while in clinical setting as evidenced by working in and completing 75 hours in a health care clinical setting
  • • Students will apply basic medical terminology as evidenced by completing weekly medical terminology and medical abbreviation testing
  • • Students will recognize the limitations and perform within the appropriate scope of practice as evidenced by demonstrating knowledge of Health Care Standard 14 of the Nursing Assistant Scope of Practice
  • • Student will utilize life skills to become productive professionals as evidenced by

pursuing/completing a job application in a health/related field

  • • Students will prepare for employability and career opportunities as evidenced by preparing a resume’ and cover letter
  • • Students will identify and apply behaviors that are detrimental to one’s health and describe strategies for disease prevention including health screenings as evidenced by planning and executing an all school Health Fair
  • • Students will investigate post- secondary programs for desired career path and establish a contact with appropriate program representatives as evidenced by obtaining application of post-secondary program of choice


Additional Supplies


Criminal Background Check

Physical Exam


Ivy Tech Dual Credits

Industry Certifications

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) 


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CPR/First Aid (American Heart Association)

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