Diesel Service Technology

3 High School Credits per semester

Instructor: Greg Manning


(260) 563-7481

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The four main areas covered are: Hydraulics, electronics, diesel engine repair, and heavy truck preventive maintenance and repair.

There will be a theme of problem solving and critical thinking throughout the course work.  Proper use of safety equipment and basic hand tools will be emphasized.


Learning Objectives:

  • • The student can safely and properly use basic shop tools and safety equipment
  • • Students can identify basic components on a modern diesel engine, and identify fuel system type, options and accessories that relate to the vehicle
  • • Student can manipulate the engine and adjust valves based on knowing and comprehending basic 4 stroke engine theory
  • • Students can identify basic sensors and actuators on a modern engine and have a basic understanding of their purpose and function on the engine
  • • Students can perform preventive maintenance inspections and adjustments accurately and consistently
  • • Students can navigate computer based repair manuals proficient enough to find diagnostic information and repair processes
  • • Students will gain a beginning understanding of wiring circuitry and how to read system wiring diagrams
  • • Students will know and apply basic hydraulics and apply it to fuel, steering, and braking systems


Additional Supplies:

Safety Glasses

Sharpie Permanent Marker


Vincennes Dual Credit


Industrial Certifications


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ASE – Diesel Certification