Instructors: James Hoover

5580 Construction Trades I

Construction Technology I focuses on classroom and laboratory experiences involving the formation, installation, maintenance, and repair of buildings, homes, and other structures. A history of construction, with an emphasis on future trends and career options will also be covered. This course provides instruction in reading technical drawings and transforming those drawings into physical structures. The relationship of views and details, interpretation of dimension, transposing scale, tolerance, electrical symbols, sections, materials list, architectural plans, geometric construction, three dimensional drawing techniques, and sketching will be presented as well as elementary aspects of residential design and site work. Areas of emphasis will include print reading and drawing, room schedules and plot plans. Students will examine the design and construction of floor and wall systems and develop layout and floor construction skills. Blueprints and other professional planning documents will also be covered. Instruction will be given in the following areas, administrative requirements, definitions, building planning, foundations, wall coverings, roof/ceiling construction, and roof assemblies. Students will develop an understanding and interpretation of the Indiana Residential Code for one and two-family dwellings and safety practices including Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Safety & Health Standards for the construction industry.

5578 Construction Trades II

Construction Technology II builds on the formation, installation, maintenance, and repair skills learned in Construction Technology I. Information on materials, occupations, and professional organizations within the industry will be covered. Students will develop basic knowledge, skills, and awareness of interior trim and the installation of drywall, moldings, interior doors, kitchen cabinets, and baseboard moldings. Students will also develop exterior finishing competencies. The course includes instruction on the installation of cornices, windows, doors and various types of sidings currently used in industry. Studies will also focus on the design and construction of roof systems and the use of framing squares for traditional rafter and truss roofing.

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