We look forward to serving our students and parents during the 2016-2017 school year. Here is the link for our 2016-2017 Student Handbook (.PDF) by clicking the link here. If you would like to request a physical copy of the handbook, click here.

Please do not hesitate to call (260) 563-7481 or email me (jhiggins@hcc.k12.in.us) if you have any questions or would like to visit HCC.

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At Heartland Career Center we are well into another year of providing students with great opportunities to develop skills, which will allow them greater access to high demand jobs in today’s highly technical world. All of the students attending Heartland Career Center are actively involved in classrooms that allow them access to hands-on experiences that provide the chance for students to gain experience in a wide array of technical fields.

Over the past summer, we have been very fortunate to begin the implementation of three grants. One of those is a Perkins Career and Technical Education Rural grant that has allowed Heartland Career Center to completely renovate the Career Center welding lab by placing fourteen new welders along with two virtual welding systems that allow students to gain experience welding without consuming supplies. Other improvements throughout our facility include the reorganization of the precision machining lab to allow the implementation of two new lathes and two new mills. This lab reconfiguration will also allow for the placement of two new computer numerical controlled equipment that will provide HCC students access to industry standard equipment. The grant that allows for these changes is a Department of Workforce Development Innovative grant along with the participation of the Ivy Tech ITEP grant. These two grants provide for the development of the advanced manufacturing fields, which will be done in a collaborative effort between the Electronics, Precision Machining and Welding classes.

We are definitely excited about what these grant monies have provided, but we also are excited about the great learning experiences that all of the rest of the HCC programs are providing. Heartland Career Center continues to provide students with great opportunities to gain knowledge and skills to build a foundation for a solid future career. In today’s highly technical society, our teachers are continually looking for ways to provide students with great hands-on learning experiences, which in turn creates a skilled workforce. Another asset of each of the Heartland programs is the ability to provide students with employable skills along with the chance to gain dual credits toward educational pursuits beyond high school. I am confident that all of the programs at Heartland will enhance an individual’s educational pursuits. Please contact me or explore our website if you have further questions. We welcome any inquiries and are glad to discuss any ideas associated with any and all of our classes.

- Mr. Jon Higgins, Principal

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